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22 Inch Mickey & His Friends Bubble Qualatex 1ct
22 Inch Mickey & His Friends Bubble Qualatex 1ct

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22 Inch Mickey & His Friends Bubble Qualatex 1ct

This Bubble features Mickey,Minnie, and Pluto on one side, and Donald, Daisy, and Goofy on the other." Oh Boy!" "That Sure is Swell" as Mickey would say. These new Bubbles are the first of there kind and is made of stretchy, see-through plastic. Bubbles inflate perfectly round and have a beach ball-like appearance.

Size and shape: 22" Round
Package item price code: KAF
Package Count: 1
  • Qualatex Bubbles –Are Made of a stretchy

  • plastic.

  • Pop-Resistant

  • Bubble
  • balloons are pop-resistant because they are stretchy and can inflate to a
  • larger size than the recommended size before they pop.

  • Non-Allergenic

  • Because Bubbles are not made of Latex…. Bubbles
  • are safe for use in hospitals and other latex-free environments.

  • Unique See through Balloons

  • Bubbles see through design means that every view of the balloon is spectacular.
  • Wrinkle-Free Seams

  • Bubbles inflate round with smooth seams.

  • Long Life on the Shelf

  • Bubbles are individually packaged. The Moist-Pak keeps the plastic pliable so
  • Bubbles always look fantastic when you inflate them.

  • No Special Equipment

  • Bubbles inflate quickly and can be refilled.
  • You can inflate them with the
  • same inflation equipment that is used to inflate other balloons.

  • Repeat Business and Growth

  • Extra long float time plus the film will never oxidize. This ensures satisfied
  • customers.

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